12 Daily Must-Dos for Women 60+: Unlock the Secrets to Ageless Health

As we step over the threshold of 60, our bodies continually remind us of the many miles we’ve traveled. 

I’m sure that every woman over 60 can relate to what I’m saying!

From the new aches and pains, poor eyesight, and memory to the stubborn belly fat, decreased muscle mass, and saggy skin, it can be a rude awakening. 

When did all of this start?  

I feel like I woke up one day and thought what the hell is happening to my body!!

Seriously, you look in the mirror, and there they are, the sagging jowls and laugh lines, the bat wings from decreased muscle mass, and, of course, the spare tire around the midsection.

Let’s not even get started on our decreased energy levels – mentally, we still feel that we’ve got it, but then our body butts in and says, “I don’t think so!”. 

So, where the hell is that fountain of youth we’ve all heard about?  

Well, stop looking because there is no magic fountain or pill that will fix it.  

But there are daily healthy habits that we can do to stop or at least slow the hands of time so that we can be healthier, live happier, and be more active.

These small changes can pack a huge punch on how we look and feel as well as how we continue to age.  

But remember, these aren’t one day fixes – they are lifestyle changes.  

It took years to get here, so don’t expect to change or fix it in a day! 

Here are a few changes that I have made to improve my overall health.  

1. Drink More Water

This is the magic potion for staying healthy after 60.

If your body doesn’t get enough water, it affects your skin, organs, and brain function.  

You should try to drink a glass of water as soon as you get out of bed.

It will rehydrate you and jump start your day.  

But don’t stop there – continue to drink water throughout the day.  

Older people – yes, that’s us – should drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

I actually drink a gallon of water a day, and this has had a positive impact on my skin, it looks more hydrated, and my face has a glow.  

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Fluid Pouring in Pint Glass

2. Get Outside

Before you pull out your electronics or turn on your TV, in the morning, get outside – regardless of the weather.

I live in the Midwest, so at certain times of the year, going outside in the morning is not at the top of my “want-to-do list,” but I do it anyway.   

It doesn’t have to be for an hour, and you don’t have to go for a 3-mile walk. I mean, you can, but you don’t have to.

The amount of time doesn’t matter. It can just be 10-15 minutes of sitting on your porch or balcony.  

You will find that it just seems to lighten your load and starts your day on the right foot.  

When I started doing this every day, I noticed that my mornings just didn’t seem as stressful.  

I now start the day with a smile on my face and a lighter heart.  

hiking out doors

3. Meditation, Mindfulness, or Prayer

Whatever your preference is – do it first thing in the morning and throughout your day.  

I am not one to sit cross-legged with my eyes closed, but if that is you, then do that.

If prayer is your thing, do that.  

Personally, I just sit in my thoughts, and I try not to think of the things that I have to do, who’s mad at who, or what happened yesterday.  

I just try to be present in the moment and recite a few affirmations.  

This simple little thing can clear the mind so that you see things differently and in a more positive light.

You will also find that doing this during the day when things seem tough is also helpful.  It can help redirect your thoughts and feelings.  

meditating in the morning

4. Make a To-Do List or Schedule your Day

Have you heard the saying – “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” 

This is so true.  

How many times have you come to the end of your day frustrated because you feel like you didn’t get anything done, and then you can’t go to sleep? 

I start every day with a “to-do list,” and then I schedule what I will do when.  

This doesn’t mean that my day doesn’t go off the rails from time to time, but for the most part, I am able to get everything done and feel a lot less stressed during the day and at bedtime.   

planning my day

5. Get Moving with Regular Exercise

Okay ladies, we all know that physical activity is non-negotiable if we want to stay healthy as we age.

That means we all need to get off our ass and on our feet and get moving.  

Do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

This can be anything from a gentle yoga class to some aerobic exercise like a morning run or walk. If strength training is more your thing, grab your weights or resistance bands and get your pump on.

You don’t need to sign up for a marathon – unless it’s been sitting on your bucket list.  

Do whatever makes you smile.  

Be sure to mix it up every day so that you don’t become bored and stop moving.

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Finding your why to exercise - warrior 2
resistance band arm raise

6. Plan a Healthy Balanced Diet

I no longer adhere to a strict diet – I did it for years, and I just think it adds too much stress on your mental and physical health.  

For me, eating a healthy diet like the Mediterranean diet, which includes healthy protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, and healthy fats works best.   

The Mediterranean Diet just helps you to eat healthier and maintain a healthy weight. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything you love – anything is okay in moderation.  

We just can’t eat some of the foods that we used to without either packing on the pounds or just feeling like shit for days! 

One of the best ways to get in a healthy diet without a lot of stress is by meal planning.  This isn’t as hard as it sounds and it makes mealtime much easier.   

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carbs for bike ride

7. Limit Unhealthy Habits

As you can see, I did not say stop all unhealthy habits – I would die without my unhealthy vices!

I am just saying to limit them – I’m sure that I’m not alone by saying that we can’t stay out drinking and partying all night like we used to!  

Nowadays, if I have too much alcohol, I’m down for days and just feel like shit!

The good news is that you can still have wine or a few beers just in moderation.  

That goes for food as well – don’t skip the chocolate cake or the potato chips, just don’t eat them in mass quantities every day.

Now smoking – that is a little different – even moderation isn’t good for our skin and our health.  So, that one, I have to say, just stop it all together.  Sorry.   

enjoying drinks with friends

8. Pay it Forward

What do I mean by that? 

Do something nice for a complete stranger to make them smile – you never know what someone else is going through and your kindness can make a big impact on their day and maybe their life.

I try to give at least 3 compliments to complete strangers daily.  This could be a simple compliment about their hair, shoes, shirt, the way they treated you, or really anything. 

When you do this, it not only makes them feel better about themselves, but it also makes you feel good inside.  

It makes us better people, and who doesn’t want that?

9. Keep Social Connections  

Make reaching out to a family member or friend part of your daily routine.  

You can just call to say hello or see how their day is going. If they live far away, you can do video calls.

If you’re limited on time, shoot off an inspiring text.

When I was going through cancer, my sister-in-law would occasionally just send an emoji text with a heart or hug or anything.  It meant everything to me!

As I said, we are all going through something, and sometimes, just a phone call, a friendly smile, or even a caring text can really brighten someone’s day.

It will make your heart happy.    

woman on phone

10. Learn Something New

Now more than ever, we need to keep our minds sharp. 

A great way to do this is by learning at least one new thing a day.  

Read more, attend a lecture, or take a class at the community college. You could learn a new language or take up a musical instrument.  

Maybe start some new hobbies or take up a sport like photography or pickleball.  

If technology is your thing or you just wish you knew more about your smartphone or tablet, now may be the time!  

Learning a new skill not only helps brain health but it also helps us stay curious, avoid boredom, and gives us a sense of purpose.  

11. Write in a Gratitude Journal Nightly

Every night before I go to bed, I write in my journal. 

As we sail past 60, keeping a gratitude journal can have a boatload of benefits for our mental health, which in turn helps our physical health.

I list three things that I’m grateful for, one thing that happened that day that made my life happier, and two things that I am proud of, and one thing I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  

I’m not really sure why, but this helps shut my brain off so I can fall asleep.  

You don’t need a fancy journal—a simple notebook works just as good!

Journal book

A Good Night’s Sleep for Women 60+

Getting enough sleep every night can be a game-changer for women over 60, 

Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  

Set up a regular sleep schedule.  

Pick a bedtime and a wake-up time and stick to it as much as possible.  

Then, design a routine.  Maybe you like warm baths before bed, or reading a good book or some bedtime yoga to unwind.  Whatever it is do it about an hour before you go to bed.  

Make your environment comfortable.  Keep your room cool and dark.  Avoid blue screens (phones, tablets, or TV). 

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How to Age Healthy for Women 60+

These 12 daily habits can provide many health benefits for women over 60. 

From staying active and nourishing our bodies to keeping positive relationships and embracing self-care, these habits are key to leading a fulfilling and healthy life.

So, don’t hesitate to share this blog post with your friends and loved ones.

Let’s empower all the amazing women in our lives to live their best lives after 60!

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