What Are Resistance Band Bars: Are They Worth The Expense?

Do you enjoy working out with resistance bands or are you thinking about starting a fitness program with resistance bands? 

resistance band bar may be a great piece of equipment to add to your workout.

Are you wondering what a resistance band bar is and if it is worth the investment? I will explain why I feel that the bar is a wonderful addition to my resistance band workouts. 

Just stick around and I will help you to decide if it is right for you too.  

resistance band bars

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What Benefits Do The Bars Provide For Resistance Bands Workouts?

A resistance band bar can turn your resistance bands into weighted barbells.  The bar can hold several bands if needed for more tension.   This way you can advance your workout to fit your needs just as you would with a barbell. 

Since the bar can hold several bands, you do not need to tear up your hands holding the bands for tension. The clamps on the bar do this for you. 

resistance band bar

The bar helps you perform more compound lifts easier than with just the bands.  It keeps the bands level so that you do not work one side more than the other.

Compound lifts such as military presses, dead lifts, squats, bent over and up right rows, and triceps overhead extensions just to name a few are so much easier to do with a bar. 

The bar is easier to hold onto.  This is the number one reason I initially purchased my bar.  My hands were getting sore, and this was keeping me from wanting to use the bands.   

I have been using a bar with my resistance band work out and I really do believe that the bar is a real game changer. 

What Bands Can You Use with Bar

There are two options that I have used with the resistance band bar.  The tube bands and the pull up assist bands. 

I would not recommend using flat bands with the bar.  Mainly because you will have to tie the band and it could come loose and snap back at you. 

The flat bands and mini loop bands are also thinner than the tube bands and pull up assist bands and therefore they can break easier. 

Some of the bars come with bands but some bars do not. Mine did not come with bands but I already had bands so it worked out okay for me.

How Do You Attach The Bands To The Bar

Attaching the bands are actually very easy.  The bar I purchased came with Carabiner Hooks (snap clip fasteners).  The tube bands just connect to the clips.

As for the pull up assist bands you can just loop them through the Carabiner Hooks (snap clip fasteners) and use them this way. 

resistance band bar

They are very easy to put on and remove.  This is helpful when you are moving from one exercise to another and either need to change tension or use the band without the bar. 

Different Types of Bars

If you are looking to buy a bar, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

The resistance band bars just like resistance bands come in different sizes and design. 

There are straight bars with either full padding on the bar or just padding on the ends, Pilates’s exercise bar that are smaller diameters, and there are curl bars. 

The bars come in different lengths.  I have found them ranging from 29.5 inches long to 43 inches long. 

They also come in different diameters.  I have found bars ranging between 1.25 inches which is usually the Pilates bars to 4 inches which are usually the padded bars.

Some are one solid bar and others are detachable. 

The detachable bars can detach in 1 or 2 different spots.

The bars that detach in 2 spots can be used as 2 different length bars.  You can leave it all together for a longer bar or detach them and take out the middle piece.  Then put the two end pieces together for a shorter bar.    

Other bars are detachable in the middle so that they can be stored easier. 

The cost can also range from around $18.00 to $150.00. 

Since I was just starting out with the bar, I decided to purchase the Bionic Body Workout Bar. 

The price was under $20.00, and it is 38 inches long.  It is detachable for storing and traveling.  When the bar is detached, it is 19.5 inches.  The bar weighs 3.2 pounds. For me it works perfect. 

You just need to determine the bar that would work best for you. 

Can You Travel With Bands and Bar

We do travel a lot and sometimes the workout areas of the hotel are great and include everything you need. 

However, other hotels only provide cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals and bicycles.  Having my resistance band and bar with me assures that I do not miss a workout. 

One of the main concerns that I had was whether I would be able to travel with my resistance bands and bar. 

This was one of the reasons that I purchased the detachable bar.  It does fit into my suitcase or backpack when we travel. 

As far as TSA goes, I have not flown with my bar yet.  I would imagine that they would pull it out just to make sure that you were not packing any weapons.  I would not think that flying would be an issue.  But you may want to check first. 

My Summary Of The Bar

The bar definitely adds a lot to my resistance band workouts.  For me it has been a game changer. 

The fact that it mimics a barbell makes some exercises easier to do.  It is safer when using more than one band.

It is also user friendly for my hands.  It cannot be used on all exercises, but it can on most. 

For me it was a positive purchase. 

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