Bicycling In The Rain: Is it Safe For New Riders?

Well, it finally happened, I got caught in the rain while on a bike ride.

When I say rain, I mean a down pour!

The weather radar said that there would be about a 90-minute window with no rain. 

Since I had a crazy schedule that day and only had limited time to get a ride in, I went for it!

Well, the weather radar was off just a bit. 

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised it’s not the first time it’s been wrong.

Is bicycling in the rain safe for beginners like me?

I found that it can be very safe!  You just have to be more alert and think a little smarter.

Then you need to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the ride. 

Should Rain Stop You From Riding Your Bicycle?

Bicycling in the rain will definitely take you out of your comfort zone.

But that is no reason to let the rain stop you from riding your bicycle.

Sometimes you just need to change the way that you think about the ride!

Probably like most beginners, I was a little scared, when the rain first started. Did I mention it was pouring rain?

Visibility was bad and I wasn’t sure how my bike would handle the rain.

I was also concerned with my bike slipping out from under me and falling.

My first instinct was to turn back and head for home or find a spot to stop and wait it out.

Well, neither one of these options were realistic.

I was already in a time crunch that day for getting my ride in and I was already almost to my halfway point.

So, I would be turning around anyway.

Would those few extra miles in the rain change anything?  Would you be drier or safer?

Probably not.

I had to just go with it, so, I rode my bicycle in the rain.

I must say that it was not nearly as bad as I had envisioned!

With a little adjusting you can and will make it through and actually learn a lot about yourself and your bike.

It can be both exciting and energizing.

So, NO you should not let the rain stop you from bicycling in the rain! 

Safety Tips For Bicycling In The Rain

  • I would recommend taking along at least a bright colored rain jacket if there is a possibility of rain. It will stop some of the sting of the rain and cars might be able to see you better.
  • You should also make sure that you have reflectors or even a light on your bike so that you can be seen easier.
  • Going a little slower may be necessary. You should avoid going faster to get to a dry place. Just slow down and relax it will be a much safer ride.
  • When going into a turn you may not want to lean as much as you usually do.
  • Watch out for puddles and try to avoid them if possible. They may or may not be covering up a big pothole.
  • Try to avoid the painted lines in the road. These can be extremely slick and dangerous.

There is no reason that you can’t be just as safe bicycling in the rain as you are on a sunny day. You will just need to be a little more vigilant. 

Bicycling in the rain is it safe for beginners

5 Reasons I Would Recommend Riding In The Rain

It Helps You Focus More On The Ride

When you realize that your bike ride is going to be a wet one, it is best to first figure out the safest way to get through it. 

So, you need to really focus on what is in front of you and around you.

You need to focus more when crossing the streets and when riding with the traffic so that cars see you and avoid you.

This added focus can really help to calm you down and forces you to live in the moment. 

There is no room in your thoughts to think about the day ahead or something that happened last night. 

You will find that you are a little more relax than normal even though you may feel that there is more danger with riding in the rain.  

Feeling Like A Kid Again

Don’t you remember when you were a kid and got caught in the rain? If you are like me, you loved every minute of it!

The rainy bike ride will make you feel like a kid again! What’s a little rain in your face?

It will actually make you smile once you relax.

Is it because you are laughing at yourself for trusting the weather radar again?

Or is it because you defeated one of your biggest bike fears and you are feeling a little proud? 

I don’t know but I guarantee that when the ride is over you will feel more lighthearted and happier.

Even though I had to be more diligent I realized at some point that I just kept smiling! 

I wasn’t mad or upset I just felt happy and actually started laughing at myself. 

Increased Confidence

As a new rider you may lack a little confidence in your abilities,

I know that I do at times. I am after all 60 years old, just getting back on a bicycle.  

But once you get out there and actually crush your first bicycle ride in the rain, you will feel like you can face all of your fears on your bike a little stronger. 

After all you survived your first bicycle ride in the rain!

Shouldn’t that make you feel like some kind of rock star!  

Being More Consistent

Once you ride in the rain and know that you can safely do it, you won’t have to put off a ride because of weather.

You can ride your bicycle in the rain or sunshine.

Don’t get me wrong you may still prefer the sunshine over rain but now you know that you’ve got this and if your schedule calls for a rainy ride than you know that you can do it. 

You will no longer have to miss an occasional ride because of a rainy day.     

Feeling Like A “Badass”

I read somewhere that Rule #9 of cycling is:

“If you are out riding in bad weather, it means you are a badass period!” 

I love that! Who doesn’t want to a badass? 

Even as I was telling people about my rainy ride, and I got the usual “no way would I do that you are crazy”. 

In my mind I was like yeah, I’m a badass and you’re just jealous. 

Now you can have that badge of honor to brag about! 

Is It Safe To Ride In The Rain As A Beginner?

It absolutely can be!

Unless you already have balance issues or some impairment that would make riding in the rain more difficult than I highly recommend it.

I think everyone should ride in the rain at least once.

Of course, you may want to be a little more prepared than I was, but I still survived it and so can you.

We are not getting any younger, so I say why not “dance or ride in the rain”.

I guarantee that it will put a smile on your face and make you more confident as well as give you a sense of pride.

My day seemed to flow a lot better, and I felt more relaxed.

The smile on my face just seemed to stay with me throughout the day.

I certainly will be looking forward to the next rainy ride with a lot less fear.

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